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rumors of a budget deal many are they true? rush limbaugh asked house speaker john boehner. >> i'm glad that we have a chance to talk to you. the first line, people are confused with all of these leaks, as to what is going on. >> rush, there no deal. no deal publicly. no deal privately. there is absolutely no deal. >> maybe he wants to play golf, but -- [ inaudible ] >> i think this piece of legislation is about as weak and senseless as anything that has ever come on this senate floor. >> without structural change, our country is going to become greece. >> greta: joining us senator lindsey graham. don't become the enemy of the
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american people. nice to see you. before we dig into some of the things we are talking about. you had dinner with speaker boehner tonight. >> i was at dinner with a group of senators and john boehner came by, had a gate dinner no deal, not close to a deal. john has done his job. he delivered a bill out of the house that would raise the debt ceiling. more importantly get us out of debt over time. cut, cap and balance. good job john boehner. >> greta: now what? >> now the democratic party has to decide whether they want to help us, work with us change how america got so far in debt. we are going to have a vote tomorrow on cut, cap and balance you talked about a lot here. we are not going to get one amendment. there's not going to be any baste there's not going to be any discussion about that bail -- it is going to be summarily dismissed and the nation is going to become greece, the senate is letting the public down. >> greta: who has the power to
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say there's going to be debate or no? >> the majority leader of the united states senate is going to table a motion to proceed. that needs 51 votes in other words, we are going to table the debate. we are not going to have it. it is going to end before it begins this is the biggest decision we'll make as a nation in years. the senate is not going to have a debate. nobody is going to be allowed to amend our product. they are not required to put up a counterproposal. this is not the most deliberative body in the world this is a political hack job. >> greta: it is disturbing. the american people ought to hear what you have to say. whether you are a proponent or opponent. >> if you don't like cut, cap and balance, come up with an idea of your own. president obama has talked about bills but has never produced a plan that has shown cuts in reality. the days of illusionary cuts should be over. the 2010 election was about
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real change. this process is about phony baloney efforts to create cuts that nobody believes will happen. the only way to fix the congress, republican and democrat in my view, is to have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it makes us do our job. if you don't do that, we are never going to do it. >> greta: let me ask you about cut, cap and balance. a lot of republicans want the balanced budget amendment. table that for a second it is dust cut and cap if it were a terrific plan now when the next congress -- congress comes along, will the congress change that cap so it is meaningless? >> you got it. >> greta: so the balanced budget is the only thing that can put the lid on it. >> yes. >> greta: we hope for. >> it can't be ignored by the congress. anything one congress can do can be ignored by future
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congresses. you remember gramm-rudman hollinses? >> greta: i do. >> it was -- it didn't work. remember the agreement between republicans and president clinton where we agreed to limit of entitle s like medicare? we had surpluses one year. next year we backed up on that deal, waived all the requirements and started payings did the -- we backed away from the balanced budget agree because it got to be hard and there was no institutional requirement to mike these decisions. we lack discipline. balanced budget would provide the discipline -- discipline that neither party can muster. my party has been in charge many times since 1995. we haven't delivered. democratic party under president obama has taken the debt to new heights. added more debt than all presidents combined. we are going to run the country in the ground unless the public demands change.
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the only change i can tell you will work is a balanced budget amendment ratified by 3/4 of the states. if they fail, i will shut up. just give them a chance. >> greta: if that's the situation, if the american people are to participate they ought to know the arguments on both sides. now the debate tomorrow that is not going to happen. >> the house did pass a product to raise the debt limit. cutting is designed to reduce spending in 2012 by 110 billion. capping to control spending over a decade to wipe out the 1.3, 4 trillion deficit. balanced budget amendment is the crowned jewel so we will never go back into our old spending ways in the senate we are going to have a vote at 10:30 total. we've had some discussions on the floor, not one amendment has been offered. not one counterproposal by our democratic colleagues. i'm not saying the republican
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party is perfect. i'm telling you the republican party has failed on its watch to bring the budget into balance. the only way to discipline both parties have the constitution rise up and say you must do your job. we are not even having a debate about that. we borrow 40 cents on every dollar. medicare and social security are going into bankruptcy. and we are sitting here looking at each other, talking points no debate. u.s. senate has been held up throughout the world as the most deliberative body. it is not meeting that standard when it comes to this issue. >> greta: so it is a fraud? >> it is sad and unacceptable. they are using procedural techniques available to them at a time when america wants us to stop playing political games and try to solve problems. we've given a solution if you don't like it, fine. you don't have to buy my way of changing america. you just gotta put up a plan
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that will save america. i want to change america. my democratic colleagues are as patriotic as i am. this debate has been about the next election. president obama will not commit to a plan that we can evaluate the reason he won't do it and the reason he hates the balanced budget amendment it will be the end of unlimited growth at the federal level. don't think he wants that to end. >> greta: senator, thank you. nice to see you. can house republicans seal a budget deal? it doesn't sound like. they did have a big win tuesday with cut, cap and balance. still no debt deal on the table. the clock seems to be ticking very fast. our next guest is pointing the finger at president obama, calling the president clever and slick. what does he mean? we asked karl rove. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> greta: in add's
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"wall street journal", you described the president's press conference a week ago you said it was a b -- buff foe performance. i telecommunication a tough of sarcasm, tell me what you mean? >> i mean ironic. it is not sarcastic, i'm being ironic. the president gave an outstanding theatrical performance. he started off by blaming others. we expected them to blame bush. he also blamed the democratic congress. saying they had runaway with the credit card. they were just doing what he was telling them to do. he insisted that others solve the problem. he said within 24 to 46 hours i demand congress give me a plan. he said the worst alternative to come out of this would be if we raise the debt ceiling without taking any steps to rein in spending or reduce the
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deficit. the so-called clean debt ceiling vote was what he advocated for months and months he said we ought to raise the debt ceiling without addressing spending or debt questions. it was a boffo performance because the president came out of there saying that he had not previously flip-flopping from where he previously been. he hasn't had a plan. no plan even today if you ask anybody to produce a piece of paper with a plan written down there, nobody could do it. he insisted that the congress solve the problem. that's not leadership. >> greta: i don't mean to put s in your mouth. i'm trying to understand what you said -- are you saying he's clever and slick? >> sure. [ talking over each other ] >> no, clever and slick and he's undermined confidence in the whole process. how can people trust him, how
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can actors in this process, members of congress who have to arrive at some solution, trust him when he's out there looking out after himself, not trying to get the problem solved? i do not think it helped the process for the president to have three news conferences in eight days. all of which designed to say as we say in texas, i wasn't at the alamo. i'm not responsible. this is somebody else's problem. having him lecture people doesn't help. one of the most revealing moments was when jake tapper of abc news said mr. president, can you think of one structural change you would be in favor of? he refuse today give anything. he semi said he might be in favor of means testing. this was not a helpful step in moving us towards conclusion. as i said in my column today, i think the republicans in the house run the risk of being jammed by senator reid and president obama, unless they build on tuesday's success by
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continuing to take step to resolve this process in a way that is in conformity with their object, no increase in the debt ceiling unless it is offset by larger real spending cuts. >> greta: is your difference with the president ideology or do you think he's not performing his job even in support of his democratic principles? >> yeah, i don't think he's doing the job that we expect him to do as americans. granted, he began this whole debt ceiling with a problem that is, in 2006, as a member of the united states senate he treated a request by his predecessor to raise the debt ceiling at pure d politics and got up and gave a speech and said any president requesting an increase in the debt seal something demonstrating a failure of leadership. were -- we were fighting a war he didn't like. didn't have the votes to cut off the war. so he voted again the debt ceiling and pained this
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picture of he was being concerned about deficits and debt and we shouldn't increase the debt ceiling and the president is a failure in leadership that was a relatively modest increase in the debt ceiling. what he's asking for is the largest increase as a number and percentage of the debt in the history of the country. >> greta: his position at that time was naivete, because he was a new senator. never had been a senator before. today as he has grown-up a bit and soon the economic situation, he's getting information from advisers we going to get our national credit downgraded. we have to meet some of our bills. has he just green up in those years or is this his -- just grown-up in those years or is this in your mind political maneuvering? >> this is political maneuvering. everybody knew what it was about, it was pure politics. now he's president and realizes he has said it was a mistake for him to do that.
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yeah it was a mistake. and it is coming home to roost because he has treated this process almost as politically as he treated it in 2006. it was irresponsible to begin this process to say, we've got to raise the debt ceiling with no effort to rein in spending. by doing that and flipping and finally saying as he did friday, we better rein in spending, worst alternative would be just to raise the debt ceiling. it undermines his credibility. it is not like members of congress weren't paying attention to him six months ago that he was threatening them there was going to be a price to be paid. they saw weigh said friday and trying to reconcile the two -- they saw what he said fry and trying to reconcile the two. he has to have the ability to cut a deal. whether you agree with him or not you have to have confidence that he has integrity that you can count on. by doing these weird things, and they are weird, he
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undermines his credibility. >> greta: let me switch gears to 2012. texas. there's a lot of noise that governor perry is going to jump into the race. is he well liked among texas voters? the democrats aren't going to be fond of him? >> he's very popular among republicans. he's the longest serving texas governor. he got reelected in 2006 with 39% of the vote in a four-person race. he trailed the rest of the republican ticket last year. i think that's 9 accumulated weight of having -- the accumulated weight of having been in office for 10 years. a big part he's looking strong nationally, third in the latest poll that cape out tuesday, texas is a big state 24 million. better than one out of every 20 americans lives in texas. we are a pretty republican state. that gives him a big base to jump into a national contest.
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he's running. he had a meeting earlier this week in austin of fundraising types. two such meetings next week. policy experts flowing in and out of the city. he's getting ready to run. i suspect we'll see him step on to the stage in early august in houston when he has/ a big event. he will be in the race. >> greta: what are his bragging rights besides a big state? the governor in texas is different than the governorships we are accustomed to around the country. >> he has kept spending in check. presided over a conservative budget. and as a result, texas has been growing jobs when the rest of the country was hurting bad. texas was doing all right. we've created more jobs in texas in the last several years than the rest of the country combined. he helped governor bush before he became president, passed a
1:16 am
medical liability reform and governor perry built on that with a tougher measure. he's got -- in certain kinds of civil cases if you file a frivolous lawsuit you have to pay your attorney's fees and the defendant's. >> greta: i'm a lawyer. that scares people off who have legitimate beefs. because they think they will be put out of their house with a legitimate beef. there's a downside to that. >> i grant you that. the bill in texas is more narrowly drawn and focused on keeping nuisance ones if is it a big company, that's got a lot of assets and resources loser pays doesn't apply. in some of these cases where you have mom and pop operations that get bankrupted by having a frivolous lawsuit filed, this discourages those kinds of cases. >> greta: more of our
1:17 am
interview with karl rove why he says the republicans are having a primary before the primary what does that mean? should current front-runner governor romney be worried tonight? >> also, donald trump, announcing tonight there are two factors standing between him and a potential run for the white house. what are they? hear from donald trump, that's hear from donald trump, that's coming up [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> greta: here's karl rove. what do you make of the so-called bachmann surge? >> there are three things to say. first, she is in second place and it is a dramatic move over the last month. second, the story we don't pay attention to is mitt romney continues to a, remain in the lead and b, continues to widen his lead. there's a primary going on before the primary. the primary is who is going to be the not romney candidate? front-runner not out in front by the margin that historically we've seen. and several other candidates michelle bachmann, rick santorum, rick perry, tim pawlenty, herman cain, newt gingrich, all vying to be the not romney candidate.
1:22 am
when we get to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, you will have mitt in front and a principle challenger. she right now is in front on that. as a result she is going to get more attention, more scrutiny. when perry gets in she is going to have a competitor who might jump ahead of her. these numbers don't mean a lot. at this point in '99 george w. bush was way ahead, behind him were elizabeth dole, lamar alexander and dan quayle. and john mccain was three percentage points in the summer of '99. because of patient groundwork he laid during the summer and fall, he became bush's principal competitor in early 2000. the same could happen this time around and likely to happen, somebody who is doing their homework and building their organization necessary to compete, developing a message that allows them to
1:23 am
through we are in the late part of year, early next is going to be the person who ends up being the not romney candidate. >> greta: can you give me an estimate of when it becomes too late to get into the race? >> unless you have been a -- unless you are the governor of a big state like texas or you have been the vice presidential running mate four years ago i think the door is already closed and it is closing fast for people like governor palin and governor perry that's why perry is doing this stuff under the ray garr, -- under the radar but getting ready. he's doing the things necessary to allow himself to get in. >> greta: there seems to be a set pattern how you run for president. you hear people say the rules are different with governor palin. is that true? >> that's going to be the big tess. she and her people think so,
1:24 am
they've talked with people about it. they've been explicit that she doesn't need to go to iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, press the flesh and go to local events. she can talk to people over that. she doesn't need to cultivate the fundraisers because her mere presence in the race will generate the cash needed. she doesn't need to do the things in a normal way to layout a message. she can do it on facebook. by having a producer release a movie. that is going to be the interesting thing. i think particularly in eye work new hampshire, and south carolina there are some of the niceties which you ignore at your own peril. these people take the early states seriously. they expect to hear you up close. to be able to ask you questions. see you multiple times before they make a commitment. we'll see if that old rule remains the same. if she gets into this race she
1:25 am
will get in having said i can write my own set of rules. it will be interesting to see if she can. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: coming up, you may in the believe this, now republican donald trump is siding with a democrat. who and why? hear from donald trump himself, next. >> also, big news in the presidential race. another republican just a short time ago announced. who is it? here's a hint, this candidate was once a democrat. start guessing. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>> greta: there's no doubt about it, americans are suffering. what is happening in our country is painful. we need jobs. there's more dismal news today. jobless claims went up again watch is the problem with washington? what can we did to get out of this deep rut? we asked donald trump what he would do. nice to have you join us. >> hi greta. >> greta: jobless claims 418,000. steve wynn who says he's a democrat but has contributed to republicans and democrats, he says that president obama is a wet blanket on the economy. and he's very disappointed in president obama's work on the economy. on the other hand his vegas operations were up 23% since last year. so things are going well for him. can you put this together for me? >> steve is a very good friend of mine, great guy.
1:30 am
i just left his wedding. he just got mary. he knows what he's talking about. -- he just got married. he knows what he's talking about. he operates good properties all over. the fact is, he's very, very against this administration. and for good reason. >> greta: why? when you went to the wedding, did the two of you talk about the president obama and the way he is steering the economy? >> we speak all the time. he's not a fan. he doesn't like what he's going on. he sees what is happening all over the world. and how well the world is doing in so many places if you look at different countries, some are doing phenomenally. some are doing so well because of us. because of whether it is manufacturing our products or taking our jobs, with outsourcing. so many different things are happening. i never hear about it from obama, from anybody. i don't hear about it from the republicans either. you watch the republican
1:31 am
debates, they don't talk about what is going on with the rest of the world. steve is very down on the administration. i've known that for a long time there. are many other great business machine, likewise that are down on the -- businessmen, likewise that down on the administration. >> greta: the economy can sometimes be difficult to redirect. so many americans are suffering. with 418,000 jobless claims this week, is there any -- if you were president, anything that you could do right new that would have a dramatic effect? >> what i would do right now is stop the many countries that are abusing this country. whether it is through their manipulation of currency or lots of other things. i would stop that immediately. i immediately get on the phone and talking with the opec folks who are absolutely ripping us. despite the bad economy, fuel prices never come down. as i've been telling you for three , you and others, if the
1:32 am
-- for three years, you and others, if oil isn't coming done substance locally below $100, $four -- $40, $30, $20, this country can never be great again. we are using oil from outside sources. by the way, if we allowed coal and if we allowed things to happen in our country, we wouldn't need outside. look at natural gas , we have more than anybody. we don't create the incentive for people to get it. environmentally it becomes almost impossible. the environmentalists have stopped it. if oil is at $100 and we are forced to import oil at $100 or more. we can never be great again. we have to create our own energy and we have so much of it. between coal and natural gas and nuclear people are starting to get away from it and i can understand. if you look even germany.
1:33 am
by the way, nobody is running better than germany right now. they are sort of turning off nuclear right now. you look at natural gas, coal and so many other things, we don't need outside sources. opec is ripping us. frankly, they are the number one abuser and we have to stop that. that's something that could be stopped quickly. they wouldn't even be there if it weren't for us. >> greta: i did research on you. i follow you all the time. because i know you were toying with the idea of running for president many then you said no. then a little maybe run as independent. now i read you say representative bachmann is very underrated.+1 i'm curious with all your level of growing frustration are you leaning towards endorsing or supporting representative bachmann? or maybe i will run as an independent? >> i'm going to see who going to the republican nominee. i'm going to be looking at the
1:34 am
economy. if the economy continues to do badly, which i think it will, because the administration does not know what they are doing flash flood the economy continues to do badly, -- -- in the republicans pick somebody i think is the wrong person, i would seriously consider running as an independent. the reason i have to do it that way, as you know what i'm doing doesn't allow me to run sooner than may. >> greta: president obama in the last six months, does he appear stronger, does it appear the republicans are getting to him? what is the status report? >> i think the status report is that the republicans are folding. the republicans are not doing the job they should be doing. they allowed him to come back during the lame duck session in december, as you remember. i said to people, he rose like the phoenix. it was incredible, they allowed him to come back. i think they are not doing a good job now. they have all the cards if you
1:35 am
look at the polls, they are getting beaten more badly than obama. they have all of the chips. they have all of the cards. the debt limit, so many things they have right now. one thing hae has to get rid of obamacare. you have to get rid of obamacare or the country is not coming back. it is a disaster. as i said, you have to stop. whether it is opec, china or others, you have to stop all of these countries that are out there that are absolutely beating us and taking advantage of us and making a tremendous windfall profit, if you want to use that word. you have to stop the abusers. there's so many abusers. they negotiate with us. they negotiate with our representatives. and they tell me, they say donald, may i ask you a question? are your leaders stupid? these are people that makes deals with this country. they say are your leaders stupid? look at colombia, they make
1:36 am
four billion dollars, a relatively small trade pact with us, four billion dollars last year, colombia. we have to get really smart people. we have to use our best people our smartest to negotiate. the people that are doing it right now are leading us to oblivion. >> greta: donald, thank you. con garage s, you're a grandfather again. tell your daughter i said hello and congratulations to her and her husband. >> thank you very much greta. >> greta: it is official, another republican just jumped into the raise for president is it? should the other candidates be worried? we'll tell you that surprise when he or she goes on the record, next. >> first he admitted to keating on his wife and fathering a will have child. now arnold schwarzenegger is doing something else rather shocking. stay tuned. verizon claims its 4g lte is twi as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go !
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from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. the deadly heat wave spreading across central and eastern u.s. 50% of the u.s. population under heat advisory with temperatures expected to top 100 degrees in several places on friday. the heat wave is already blamed for at least 22 deaths. and the treasury department announceing that chrysler has repaid the last of its bailout loans but the deal likely cost u.s. tack taxpayers $1.3 billion since the government didn't recover the whole $12 billion bailout amount. fiat has run the company since 2009. two new suspects arrested in the beating of a san francisco giants fan outside dodgers stadium. 42-year-old brian stowe suffered brain damage in the march 31 attack. a law enforcement official says if the district attorney office files a case against the men the original suspect will be exonerated. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "on the record."
1:42 am
it was iowa since we last visit. >> i remember that well. governor, a big problem here in washington. i'm going to give you a hypothetical. imagine you are president of the united states and you have the cut, cap and balance sitting on the table. a lot of people like it. by the way, do you like it or not? >> it has its moments. it is not enough. it has its moments. we need to cut 1% from the gdp. $140 billion. real simple cash do away with
1:43 am
all energy subsidies for big oil and ethanol and do away with the department of energy. trump had it right on your show. we need to be energy independent. we can do it by the end of the decade, greta. there is no leadership, greta, none. >> greta: here is the problem. let's say that you have a senate majority leader who says that the one idea that is on the table, the cut cap and balance idea is the worst legislation in history. calling conservatives who support it weak and senseless. and then you have a republican congressman saying to a republican congress woman that she is vile and insults her in other ways and sends that e-mail around for leadership and then a veteran democratic senator making insulting remarks about the speaker of the house boehner making cracks about his tears and about his golf. i could would on and on and on. how are you as the president of the united states going to show leadership with everyone being unbelievably obnoxious to
1:44 am
everybody here on the hill. >> the only guy running for president who has been both a congressman and governor, omaha bank one. i have been there, done that. left there happily. it is a circus. these people are clowns. they are wearing makeup. they don't tell the truth. there is no plan to reduce the deficit or to manage it. your earlier speakers were right, karl rove said it. this president has never submitted a budget. how can you have a president that doesn't shoney leadership. by the way, monitoring of this is the real -- none of this is the real problem. the real problem is two. we are getting eaten alive in the trade. we let ge give away 15,000 american jobs and pay no taxes. here is the problem. let me say it. >> greta: okay. >> is that washington is bought and sold.
1:45 am
you know why we don't do these things? you know why we don't revise the budget? you know why we don't check honestly the books? you know why we don't have a tax code that we can't read? it is with us the lobbyists have paid these guys. >> greta: i don't disagree with that. tell me, the people who have the vote no are going to help you get rid of all these things are at each other's threats. how do you have the leadership to get these people to at least be sensible and not be at each other's threats and work with the leader? >> a couple of things are going to happen in america. and the clowns in washington better pay attention or they will be gone. america is in trouble. and it is going to get worse before it gets better. we a debt that we cannot repay. an excessive debt shrinks the nation. you lose a space program. that jefferson buys it pennys
1:46 am
to an acre. doubles america and you can wave goodbye to france. excessive debt shrinks a nation. but the problem, greta, please, is that we are giving our jobs away and the president of the united states will not protect american workers. it is a disgrace. and number two, the reason that the big corporations sell jobs overseas and get away with it is that they give money to the politicians. i'm telling you, i accept $100 or less. that's it. no pac money, just like when i was in congress, greta and i ran three times and was unopposed in congress. this is not hard work but you have to be honest and you have to be free and you can't take money from the lobbyists. >> greta: governor, i got to go but i hope you come back often. a long race. we got a lot of things to talk about the two of us. >> you -- greta, donald trump was right. they are not even talking about
1:47 am
the problem. >> greta: all right, governor. come back and you and i will talk more about it. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, something is setting mayor rahm emanuel on fire. why is his temper flaring? we will tell you. and arnold schwarzenegger doing and arnold schwarzenegger doing nothing new and we know maria is not going to be happy about that tonight. that story, next. these are our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. and now you can join with duracell to help. just buy specially-marked packs & duracell will make a battery donation to local volunteers. these days don't we all need someone to trust...? duracell. trusted everywhere.
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. >> greta: here's the best of the rest. this is so sad. 30 years of space color rage comes to an end. bittersweet -- bittersweet day atlantis and its crew of four touching down early this morning at kennedy space center. the shuttle returning from a 13 day mission to deliver cargo to the international space station. it marked our nation's 135th and final flight. now we have to rely on the russians when we went to send astronaut there is. how do you like that one? go to and tell us. >> former governor schwarzenegger not only a cheat, new dad, but cheap. or is he being nickeled and dimed by his soon to be ex-wife? he doesn't want to pay maria shriver spousal support or her attorney's fees.
1:52 am
the former hollywood couple does not have a prenup that means shriver could be entitled to half of schwarzenegger assets. they decided to end their 25 year marriage after schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with the member of the family's household staff. both parties are seeking joint custody of their sons 17 and 13. >> chicago mayor emanuel is getting hot under the collar. apparently the mayor did not like it when a reporter pressed him about his children's schooling. >> my children are not an instrument of me being mayor. my children are my children. and that may be news for you. and that may be new for you marianne. but i want you to understand, no, no, you have to understand this. i'm making this decision as a father. and that's an a decision we are going to make. anything less than that, would be less than how i think of myself and want to be as a father .
1:53 am
>> [ inaudible ] >> i still have more questions. >> and i look forward to our future interview. i'm done. i'm done. >> greta: chicago's public schools were a hot button issue during the campaign. and the mayor has yet to answer the question where his children will go to school. looks like we have to wait longer to find out. >> any second there's going to be blood on the floor. the house of representatives's floor. ran representative allen west fired up an angry e-mail monday. the e-mail sent to democratic representative bill weir is for questioning his position on medicare -- representative debbie wasserman shultz for questioning his position on medicare. the, mail viral and everyone saw it. now he has had time to think
1:54 am
about it and cool off, does the congressman want a do over? not likely. today representative west says an apology is not happening. >> would you f you could, withdraw --, if you could, withdraw any of the language or the words that you used? >> no, i wouldn't. interestingly enough, when you interviewed me when i was a candidate you referred to me as a military man. there are certain ways we speak in the military. i guess i have not learned the d.c. insider talk that maybe some of these people are used to. don't poke me in the chest that's the bottom line to that exchange. >> greta: we'll tell you what happens next in this political standoff. there you have the best of the rest. >> coming up, they all want to be your next president. their last political debate is raising eyebrows. we'll tell you what is going on, next. [ male announcer ] there's more than one
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. a first of its kind fixed republican contenders squared off in a debate on twitter. the choice of venue has jimmy kimmel a little concerned. >> you all, the republican candidates for president today held a debate on twitter. i don't know if the point was to make them seem irrelevant vent but this debate combined excitement of c-span with suspense of typing. i don't think people should allowed to ask us to vote for them for president of the united states in the same place kim kardashian writes about her favorite body butter. >> that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. go to greta ask tell me what you think about nationa shutting down the shuttle program. i don't like it.

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